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When a family chooses to use my services and schedules a date, I proceed with the understanding and conviction that I will be at their son's Bris no matter what befalls me... short a catastrophic event. In fact, during my 21 year career as a mohel, I have never called to cancel nor reschedule a Bris, nor have I failed to show up to a ceremony including one scheduled on the day of the Northridge earthquake. I do not, however, expect the same from my families because I understand that there are times when the Bris may be postponed due to the health of the baby.

In addition, I have made it a policy not to require a deposit for my professional services. I believe that my clients, the parents, are busy enough with their new baby and preparing for the Bris that to require a deposit would be an undue burden.

As is the nature of my profession, I have a one week or less window of opportunity to get a family's ceremony in order. When I schedule a time for a ceremony I will usually have to tell another family that they cannot use my services. So that when a ceremony is canceled, costs have already been incurred by me.

Therefore, if a Bris is cancelled on or within three calendar days of the ceremony, or postponed beyond a date and time that I can accommodate, my fee will be charged in full.