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Booking a Bris

  1. NOTE:   Dr. Kogen does not return telephone calls from Friday late afternoon through (Shabbat) Saturday night. Calls will be returned on Sunday.

    Also, Dr. Kogen will perform a Bris on Shabbat if that is
    the 8th day.
    Call Dr. Kogen as soon as possible when the baby is born. If the baby is born very early in the morning, say 3 a.m. please wait until later that morning to place the call, but DO NOT WAIT THREE OR FOUR DAYS!

    At the very least, try to call the office within the first
    24 hrs of the baby's arrival.

    Put Dr. Kogen's name and phone number (800-644-4479) on your list of persons to call from the hospital.

  2. After calling Dr. Kogen, be patient. He may be in transit to or from a ceremony or otherwise occupied, maybe at a Bris, and is unable to return your call for several hours.

  3. If you fail to hear from Dr. Kogen after 4 or 5 hours, then call again. Routinely, excited or exhausted fathers fail to leave the correct phone number or area code necessary to return their calls. They think they give the answering service accurate information, but due to their exhaustion or excitement make a critical error that precludes a call back.

What information will Dr. Kogen need when we make the initial call after the baby is born?

All pertinent telephone numbers.

For example, home, father's and mother's cell, office, hospital and perhaps the location of the ceremony.

• Home
• Cell
• Office
• Hospital
• Location of ceremony

Anything else for us to do in the meantime?

  1. Start gathering all the items necessary for the ceremony such as family heirlooms, Judaica, old Kiddush cups, wedding chuppah, Tallitot and photos. Encourage the grandparents or others to write a brief letter or poem to the baby, same for the parents. Start purchasing the supplies for the ceremony including wine cups, candlesticks, wine or grape juice and aftercare supplies. Print the "Instructions" and "Bris Script".
  2. Gather your thoughts about what you want to accomplish during the course of the ceremony.
  3. Decide on the participants and inform them of their roles and responsibilities.
  4. Start deciding on a Hebrew name for the baby.
  5. Suggest reviewing my web site ( to those who are not of the Jewish faith or who are less knowledgeable about the Bris Mila ceremony.